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Samantha Calhoun >>


  • 3rd place out of 53 in the prestigious USAPL Raw National Championships (478.16 Wilks)


  • 2nd place NAPF Slingshot Pro American, March 2017 (486.16 Wilks)

  • 1st place USAPL 5-Bar Showdown (Atlanta, GA) (499.3 Wilks)

IG @sculptedcreations


  • Recent Accomplishments from April '17. 

  • 93kg IPF World Record squat holder at 325.5-kg (717.6-lbs) (open and M2)

  • 93kg IPF World Record bench press holder at 205-kg (452-lbs) (M2)

  • 93kg IPF World Record Total at 825.5-kg (1818.6-lbs) (M2)

  • 521 Wilks Points

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Whitney Lockwood >>

Multi-sport athlete competing in physique, fitness, olympic-lifting, powerlifting, and fitness modeling.

IG @whitneylockwood

Andrew Stone >>

Junior powerlifter competing in the USAPL. Andrew has gym PRs of 605-lbs x 2 in the squat and 735-lbs in the deadlift. Next is to be bring his potential to the Arnold Classic '17 in Columbus Ohio. 

IG @stonepwrlft