• Advanced metabolic support 
  • Energy without the crash
  • Support mood and focus
  • Appetite control
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Green Coffee Bean

Contains the active phenolic compound (polyphenol) chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is able to reduce insulin and glucose spikes following a meal without affecting overall levels of insulin or glucose significantly. 

Longer term intake can reduce carbohydrate uptake, with the most promising result being 6.9% reduced glucose absorption in the intestines. 


A combination of L-theanine with caffeine is noted to be synergistic in promoting cognition and attention/focus. L-theanine supplementation may help take the edge off stimulant-based products. 

Forskholi (root) Extract

The main supplementation use of Forskolin is to increase cAMP in fat cells, which increases the rate of fat loss and can make other fat burners better at fat burning.

In general, increasing cAMP can in part mimic caloric restriction and exercise as cAMP is a signal of energy deprivation or energy usage.