Samantha Calhoun


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USAPL 5-Bar Showdown. July 2017. Atlanta, GA

LFT Summit January 2017.

Sam is a relative new comer to the powerlifting world. She has earned a top 3 finish at 2016 Raw Nationals after having only one year of competition under her belt. Her success in powerlifting can be contributed to her being a top division 1 athlete. She’s a former collegiate sprinter from the University of Nevada, Reno where she is currently ranked top 3 on the the Nevada All- time Track and Field list for the 60m, 100m, and 200 meter dash. Outside of her athletic ability, Sam is also a scholar and holds a Masters degree in Exercise Science from Old Dominion University.

Best Competition Lifts (63kg class)

  • Competition Squat: 341-lbs
  • Competition Bench: 215-lbs
  • Competition Deadlift: 463-lbs

499.3 Wilks Points

Coaching and Meet Instruction

Recent Footage from March, 2017.