What is LFT?

LFT (pronounced LIFT) is a supplement and lifestyle apparel manufacturer.  LFT offers premium products for consumer purchase, and is focused on distributing its products through the LFT Distributor Network.  LFT Distributors purchase products at significant discounts and are allowed to re-sell, or use LFT products for personal consumption as they see fit. 

Why Sell LFT?

LFT offers substantially higher profits per bottle, or "margins", to its member/distributors than any other supplement, or apparel competitor, while also retaining high quality standards. Make extra money selling a brand you believe in. 

How is LFT able to do this?

This is due to LFT's unique business model.  LFT corporate generates most profits not on the products, but in the form of a monthly membership fee that allows members to purchase products at substantial discounts.  This effectively incentivizes LFT to always be improving and adding value to the membership, so as to retain its membership base and thus its profits. 

Why is this business model great for the LFT Member/Distributor?

It is great, because all parties' interests are aligned in how they seek profits.  I.E.  It is in LFT's best interest to always provide the best prices and best products to its members, so as to retain its profit in the form of the membership fee.  And consequently, members, with those great products, can make a healthy profit and provide their personal customers with an outstanding product.  A win-win for all involved.

What is my risk in trying LFT?

The risk to try LFT is very minimal and is in the form of an initial Marketing Kit fee and your first month's membership fee.  As there are No Long-Term Contracts and you can Cancel At Any Time, you can see your risks are very low for such a great opportunity!

How do I Sign Up?